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«Not our generation, but our great grandsons will fly in the air like birds»
Peter the Great, Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia, House of Romanov

Peter’s words became prophetic. Laying the foundation stone of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in 1703* and watching an eagle hovering, Peter the Great once told his associate and friend Alexander Menshikov this historic statement, which constitutes the basis of our business concept. Could the Great Emperor imagine that 300 years later, his behest might be implemented and descendants would fly high into the sky of the Northern Capital by ultra-modern aircraft, manufactured in Europe.
In 1997, when RUSSAIR was established, one could not even dream of flights over the historical center of Saint-Petersburg. Many years have passed since then. These were years of hard work for the coherent RUSSAIR’s team and their confederates, seriously in love with flight. Today dreams and aspirations of many generations have come true, and in Saint-Petersburg’s sky one can see helicopters of the world's leading manufacturers: Mil, Kamov, Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter), AgustaWestland, Bell, Robinson. Rotary-wing aircraft cope with tasks of various complexity, fast and effectively: еmergency medical services, search and rescue, ecological water area monitoring, aerial work, and of course they are used as executive transport or for helicopter tours over famous landmarks of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Vyborg), for flights over Novgorod, to Valaam, an island in Lake Ladoga, etc.
During its existence RUSSAIR has successfully travelled a long and difficult road, becoming a leader in sales, operation and maintenance of business helicopters and business jets  in the North-West of Russia. Today RUSSAIR is an owner of the approved maintenance center, holder of the General Aviation Air Operator Certificate (AOC), since March 2014 – a holder of the Commercial Air Operator Certificate.
Throughout all its activity in the domestic aviation market RUSSAIR has already delivered more than thirty new and used foreign-made helicopters into the Russian Federation. RUSSAIR has qualified flight and maintenance crew members, who have gained the experience from the light piston R-44 to the five-ton ЕС155 В1 VIP (Dauphin, Airbus Helicopters) and seven-ton AW139 (AgustaWestland), furnished with equipment not worse than that of Boeing and Airbus jet aircraft. RUSSAIR’s experts have repeatedly been requested to provide a technical audit, advice, and support in aircraft purchases and sales.

* the year when Saint-Petersburg was founded