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Engineering-aviation service

Инженерно-авиационная служба Инженерно-авиационная служба

The Engineering-Aviation Service (EAS) is a dynamically developing subdivision of RUSSAIR, certified by the RF aviation authorities for AS350 B2, AS350 B3, AS355 N, EC145 (ВК117 С-2), EC155 B1, AW109 SP, AW139, and Falcon-7X maintenance. The main EAS objective is to ensure airworthiness of the aircraft.

All EAS specialists have been trained and certified in the international training centers of France, Germany, Italy. Maintenance of RUSSAIR’s fleet aircraft and of the customers’ aircraft  is carried out in RUSSAIR’s maintenance center at Pulkovo airport, Saint-Petersburg, which is equipped in accordance with standards and requirements of aircraft manufacturers and RF air transport supervisory bodies.

Инженерно-авиационная служба